Guided by the 12 principles of the Medicine Buddha, Maha Mushrooms invites you strengthen and heal your body, mind and spirit with our extensive line of natural supplements. Our best mushroom supplements including chaga mushroom supplements, cordyceps, the best reishi mushroom supplements and lion’s mane supplements provide immune support, increased energy and vitality and an abundance of other physical and spiritual benefits.

From increasing mental focus to reducing inflammation, Maha Mushrooms’ immune supplements contain high levels of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. Select from a wide variety of formulations, many including mycelium, CBD and much more from mother nature’s bountiful medicine cabinet.

  • Recover and revitalize your being with our Ascension blends featuring a balanced fusion of maitake, reishi, turkey tail and codyceps.
  • Our Lion’s Mane D+M and D+F supplements contain Maha Mushrooms’ pharmaceutical grade mycelium extract, the world’s first and only alcohol extract based on pure, liquid-grown mycelium and the key to unlocking the full therapeutic potential of lion’s mane.
  • Lion’s Mane + CBD and Turkey Tail + CBD of just two examples of how Maha Mushrooms augments the preventive and restorative properties of our mushroom supplements with the potent power of CBD extract to optimize the mind-body benefits of both.
  • Our immune-boosting Reishi Primo and other reishi blends elevate mood and energy levels while lowering blood sugar, supporting a healthy heart and augmenting the body’s natural cancer-fighting abilities.
  • And our extensive line of Neuro formulations tap into mother nature’s offerings for optimizing and enhancing mood and mental focus with the added benefits of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects.

Discover Maha Mushrooms’ full line of mushroom supplements also featuring several formulations of Total Body Rejuv, Super Samadhi and Morning Buzzer blends. Supercharge your immune system, balance and revitalize your energies and step into your greatest power as you were intended to do.