Super Samadhi


The Super Samadhi is a great tool to use every day to combat stress. It will also cleanse, purify, and activate the pineal gland aka the third eye. Super Samadhi has the potential to save lives by transforming the body’s nervous system into a fun, open, and sublime space easily transmuting hypertension into ease and restfulness, in this place we are able to engage socially, let go and unwind. Samadhi: The highest state of meditation, at which complete unity is reached.*

Ingredients: Blue Lotus, Damiana, Kava, Reishi, Ashwagandha, E3AFA, T.M., Niacin

30 (640mg) V-caps | 15 days regular use per jar | $52/jar
60 (640mg) V-caps | 1 month regular use per jar | $100/jar

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Dietary Supplement Vegetarian Capsules Contain 640mg V-Caps

Suggested Use: 2 capsules a day. Take with food and water. Meditation, Clear Energy, Set Intention, Affirmation.

*May experience a Niacin flush which can include redness, heat and tingly sensations lasting 15-30 minutes. Niacin flushes are non-harmful and normal. Intense physical activity should be avoided until the flush passes

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Warning: For adults only. Consult physician if pregnant/nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition.

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