Delight your senses and discover the healing antioxidant power of Maha Mushrooms’chaga mushroom teas. Consumed hot or cold, our healthy teas help brighten and balance your energies with the powerful essence of chaga mushrooms.

Our dry chaga mushroom tea is rich, earthy and full of flavor. Our wild-harvested chaga can be re-boiled several times to extract the chaga tea to it’s maximum potential. Add organic black elderberries, and you have our Elder Chaga Powdered tea. Our fragrant and sweet elderberries make healthy teas for a very berry immune boost for kids and adults alike!

For an instant boost, try our chaga chai instant teas. Activate your passions and renew your purpose with three blends of wild crafted chaga and invigorating chai. Choose from traditional Masala Chaga Chai, Herbal Chaga Chai and Passionfruit Chaga Chai.

When wild-crafted chaga mushrooms combine with organic ingredients such as elderberries, holy basil, organic herbs and spices, the magical results invigorate your body, mind and spirit. Drink them regularly to keep your immune system healthy and strong. Appealing and beneficial for both adults and children, our delicious chaga mushroom teas invite you to ground your energies, uplift your spirit and connect with your higher self.