Supercharge your Chi with exotic and energizing chaga mushroom coffee, chicory and chaga mushroom tea infusions. Maha Mushrooms’ signature Chaga Cold Brew Coffee, Lion’s Roar, lion’s mane coffee and African Spice chaga coffees are handcrafted in small batches with delicious, wild-harvested chaga mushrooms. We cold brew organic, fair trade coffee with sacred waters sourced from Mt. Shasta and Mt. Ashland to create a smooth, alkalizing, rejuvenating,and sustained energy source.

Step into purpose and prayer with the healing, antioxidant power of reishi, lion’s mane and chaga mushroom infusions, in tantalizing teas, with organic superfoods, spices, chicory and chai.

Enhance your immune health with Elderchaga a lush blend of elderberry and chaga mushroom tea, or activate your passions with our Chaga Chai and Chaga African Spice mushroom tea blends. Raise your vibration with Immortalitea, a powerful infusion of chaga tea, reishi, elderberry, astragalus, ginger, turmeric and honey.

Maha’s mushroom coffee benefits the body, nourishes your mind, boosts mental clarity and focus, and fosters a healthy immune system. Every ingredient in our superfood, medicinal coffees and teas supports your physical, mental and emotional vitality. Founded on the 12 principles of the medicine Buddha, our delicious mushroom-infused beverages elevate your holistic wellness to help you ascend to your highest power. Be Wild, Be Free, Be Abundant!

Our bottled beverages are only available for purchase at Berryvale Grocery in Mount Shasta at this time. You may order by the case online, but will have to arrange for pickup from our Warehouse in Talent, OR.
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