Harness the superfood power of chaga mushrooms with Maha Mushrooms’ collection of immune support tinctures and cough syrup. Bursting with healing antioxidants, chaga mushrooms promote overall health, may prevent illness and deliver a natural energy boost. You’re invited to discover the organic path to ideal health through some of the best tinctures for the immune system.

The chaga double extract in our immune tinctures and cough syrups comes from wild-harvested chaga mushrooms from Maine. Supercharge your immune system with the potent antioxidant power of our Chaga Mushroom Double Extract Tincture. Elder Chaga Cold & Flu Blast offers the additional healing power of black elderberries, known traditionally for their effectiveness against cold, flu and other viruses. A blend of organic spices and raw honey also lend their medicinal qualities to our cold and flu and immune boosting tinctures and cough syrup. Immune Tincture and Immune+ Cough Syrup combine elderberry, chaga and reishi mushrooms to reduce inflammation and elevate your immune responses.

Nature’s potent preventive and medicinal gifts await you. When wild-crafted chaga mushrooms combine with organic ingredients including black elderberries, traditional herbs and spices, and raw honey, the magical results fortify your body’s natural defenses. Maha Mushrooms invites you to make our immunity tinctures part of your daily routine to protect and uplift your body, mind and spirit.