Samadhi Blend
Samadhi Blend
Samadhi Blend

Samadhi Blend

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Samadhi Blend

  • 120 v-caps @ 355 mg 
  • (2 months regular use)

incl. Ashwagandha extract

  • (≥ 10% with anolide glycoside conjugates)

incl. L-Theanine

  • (highest purity possible - 99 %)

incl. Bacopa monnieri extract

  • (≥ 50% bacosides - HPLC)

incl. Rhodiola rosea extract

  • (± 3% salidrosides / ± 1% rosavins)

• herbal formula •

Produced in compliance with the following quality standards:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 22000:2005
  • cGMP
  • and also
  • Halal
  • Koosjer
  • USDA organic (EcoCert)

Samadhi's main purpose is to neutralize the negative effects stress (chronic stress in particular) can have on our physical and mental health and to help us adapt

The formula is 'adaptogenic' and when taken daily will increase your body's ability to cope with chronic stress of whatever nature and its after-effects. 

Samadhi is also a great tool to use just before meditation or yoga - it will calm the mind but it will not make you sleepy or less alert. 

Stress is for a big part rooted in ’perception’ and therefore subjective. It can have a great impact on our health and quality of life, though. In particular chronic stress is a killer. The anxiety caused by chronic stress makes it for example difficult to focus, which in turn causes even more anxiety and in the long run will undermine your physical health. 

Getting straight to the point: chronic stress will make us more susceptible to health problems because it weakens our immune system. It triggers the production of cortisol, which can cause hard-to-battle inflammatory effects when chronic. 

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